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Alfalfa is mainly fertilized with phosphorus fertilizers. Under certain circumstances, fertilizing alfalfa with calcium fertilizers is also of great importance. Nitrogen fertilization is also applied with 3-4 kg N per hectare in early March for activation of the tuber nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

At Zeoprofit Hellas we know that from a hectare, the grape extracts about 5-10 kg of nitrogen, 2-3 kg of phosphorus and 8-14 kg of potassium. Yields strongly depend on the balanced proposed recipe with all the macro and trace elements and amino acids.

Potatoes respond extremely well to a higher agrofon and thus a richer fertilization, which is close to the optimum demand of the culture at a given soil. Zeoprofit potatoes fertilizers are suited to the needs of your plants.

Most nutrients are extracted by the peach, followed by apple, quince, plum and pear. Orchard trees respond strongly to nitrogen nutrition and less to fertilization with phosphorus and potassium.

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