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As a foliar or soil drench application Microbe Plus High N-S delivers nitrogen and Sulphur to plants and crops.

Microbe Plus High N-S has been created via a unique process that blends and digests sulphate of ammonia with beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria. This process has created a powerful and highly effective nitrogen and Sulphur based product.

Utilizing our unique digestive process Microbe Plus High N-S biologically active. It will help rectify relevant nutrient deficiencies quickly and easily.

Zeoprofit's unique process of formulation has allowed us to create a highly available soil and plant fertilizer using just under half the nutrient rates of other traditional sulphate of ammonia products, but with equal or better results.

One of the key benefits of Microbe Plus High N-S is that used at the recommended application rates, it can be foliar sprayed without risk of leaf burning. This provides excellent flexibility with regards to both type and frequency of application.

As a foliar or soil drench application, Microbe Plus High N-S will deliver an excellent supply of nitrogen and Sulphur to crops that have high use of these two nutrients. It provides an efficient and effective alternative to other high nitrogen – based products of twice the strength. Excellent field results have been achieved in both winter and summer cereal crops and pasture.

The inbuilt microbes within Microbe Plus High N-S will also help hold and bind nutrients in the soil thus providing fewer losses via leaching and volatilization.

All the nutrients in Microbe Plus High N-S have been microbially digested using Zeoprofit's proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbial. This process emulates the natural process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% plant available form.

Unlike traditional sulphate of ammonia applications, the microbial action built into Microbe Plus High NS will also resist making your acidic soils .

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