The Clinoptilolite can capture compounds in solid, liquid and gaseous phase into the large inner surface of the adsorption.


Its channel dimensions are large enough to allow small molecules (as a few tenths of a nanometer)to penetrate while being small enough to entrap large complex molecules such as amino acids, vitamins and other biological macromolecules.

The mesh of the clinoptilolite acts as a selective sieve from which few molecules escape (K, Ca, Mg, Fe ...) and not others (Pb, Cd, Cs ...).

Physicochemical properties of zeolite

The extensive possibilities of zeolites are mainly due to the specific physicochemical properties:

● high ion exchange selectivity

● reversible hydration and dehydration

● high odor absorption capacity

● High thermal stability


Mechanisms of action

  • Reversible hydration and dehydration

One of the steps in processing the clinoptilolite at the factory is to dry it at 400 oC. During drying, water is removed from the crystalline zeolite network, which will again fill up with moisture-sensitive materials (such as stored cereals and animal feeds, pet litter, etc.).

Clinoptilolite stabilizes moisture to a low level by preventing its negative effects.


  • Ion Exchange

The structure of clinoptilolite matrix allows it to operate as an ion exchanger and as selective adsorbent.

The adsorption and exchange of ions depends on their load and size. The more fit the size of the ion entering, he size of the clinoptilolite mesh, the more easily it is captured and maintained. The diameter of the inlet pore is approximately 4 angstrom, a size which is the average of the ammonia ion NH4  , H2O, 134Cs and 137Cs. These compounds exhibit the greatest affinity to enter the clinoptilolite pores, which this acts as a selective adsorbent for a broad range of compounds.

  • Adsorption

Clinoptilolite adsorbs: ammonia, heavy metals, radionuclides, water and smelly gases (hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon oxides and ammonia compounds).

Available granulometry:



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