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Microbe Plus ZINC corrects zinc deficiency. Apply to soil or foliage.

Zeoprofit’s range of Microbe Plus products are a true fusion of biological and conventional NPK fertilizers.
They have a comprehensive suite of bacteria and fungi provide beneficial microbes. Microbe Plus Zinc has been via a unique process that digests zinc sulphate with these beneficial microbes. This process has created a powerful and highly effective zinc supplement. Microbe Plus Zinc is biologically active.

The key benefit of Zeoprofit's Zinc Microbe Plus is that it can be applied to the soil or to the foliage to correct a zinc deficiency. This provides excellent flexibility with regards to the method application.

Microbe Plus ZINC benefit a zinc deficiency often results in:

  • Reduced shoot growth
  • Reduced root growth
  • Reduced leaf area
  • Reduced protein synthesis
  • Reduced carbohydrate metabolism
  • Inhibits metabolism of IAA
  • Chlorosis
  • Membrane leakage

Many soils are naturally deficient in zinc. Microbe Plus Zinc provides a cost-effective and effective solution to low zinc levels.
All the nutrients in microbe plus zinc have been microbiologically digested using our proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbes. This emulates the process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% available form for plants.

Microbe Plus ZINC is in metabolic form (proteins, vitamins) and not in general divalent form (ZN ++), hence foliar application is effective.

Zinc has the tendency to form bonds with N, O and S-protein ligands, thereby activating the enzyme functionality. Zinc has an association with a large number of enzymes including alcohol dehydrogenase, RNA polymerase and isomerase. Zinc is essential in carbohydrates metabolism and in synthesis of proteins.

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