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Microbe plus Kelp is a digested blend of kelp powders, beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria.


Microbe Plus Kelp has been created via a unique process that blends and digest high grade soluble kelp powders with beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria. This process has created an excellent, high nutrient-rich fertilizer.


Utilizing our unique digestive process, Microbe Plus Kelp is biologically active. Kelp extracts contain high concentrations of plant hormones (e.g. cytokinins, gibberellins). These have been shown to significantly increase biological activities in soils and to stimulate growth of vegetables, fruits and other crops.


Zeoprofit’s unique process of formulation has allowed us to create a highly available soil and plant fertilizer.

Kelp is also known to stimulate microbes that break down cellulose and other materials into the soil, thus increasing the formation of hummus and improving soil structure. Microbe Plus KELP will also help protect against soil borne pathogens.


Microbe Plus KELP can be used as both a soil drench and foliar spray. It is an excellent soil conditioning agent which can help aid root development and is known to create greater resistance to stress and frost.


Seaweed itself contains many organic compounds and as such it’s an excellent natural fertilizer. Kelp contains an alginacid which can also help boost water retention. It is also known that KELP aids seed germination.


Microbe Plus KELP is non harmful to the environment. Being a natural product it poses no threats to worms, bees and many insects that help aid organic culture. It will aid the plants uptake of nutrients and can improve both growth and flowering in certain crops. It contains complex carbohydrates which help feed the soil microbes.


All the nutrients in Microbe Plus KELP have been microbiologically digested using Zeoprofit's proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. This process emulates the natural process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% available for plants.

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