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Profert is a microbially active foliar fertilizer, packed with vital amino acids & balanced with trace elements and micronutrients.


Profert is a liquid fertilizer produced by a unique process involving the breakdown of selected marine by-products into a form that plants can readily absorb the available nutrients.

       Mycorrhizal fungi are part of the beneficial microbes that live in the rhizosphere of the plant. They form symbiotic structures with plant roots and provide nutrients to the plant that would otherwise not be accessible. In return , the plant feeds his fungal - partner with sugars produced during photosynthesis.

       The combination of an amino acid nutrition and the mycorrhizal fungi results in improved plant growth and general health in a noticeably shorter time frame than conventional chemical fertilizers.


Why Profert works so well


       The unique ambient (room) temperature process used in developing Profert means that the beneficial microbes which breakdown marine protein are unharmed throughout the process and continue in numbers over time, improving soil biology and plant nutrition. This process creates nutrients in the form of absorbable amino that are immediately available to the crop.

Mycorrhizal fungi will remain as a spore form until they find a proper root to colonize. These fungi will supply the plant with many different soil nutrients. But they are specialized in phosphorus relocation. This eventually means that the plant will have a much better nutrition in general and in phosphorus in particular.


Mycorrhizal inoculum


       The Mycorrhizal fungi spores added into our Profert belong to the endomycorrhizal group. This type of fungi will form symbiotic structures with more than 85% of the plant botanical species, including most agriculture crops, ornamentals and fruit trees.


Product benefits


The correct balance of macro and micronutrients will enhance plant growth

Microbes help supply organic nitrogen to the plant and soil

Profert can enhance the uptake and assimilation of trace minerals to rapidly correct of minor micronutrient deficiencies

Profert has a nil withholding period

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