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Correct levels of plant available phosphorus and calcium are required for normal root growth, nutrient uptake and photosynthesis.

      Microbe Plus PHOSCAL has been created via a unique process that blends and digests phosphorus acid and calcium carbonates together with selected trace elements creating an excellent nutrient supplement.

       Utilizing a unique digestive process Microbe Plus PHOSCAL is biologically active. It will help rectify nutrient deficiencies quickly and effectively.

       The correct balance of phosphorus and calcium is required for plants to produce the sugars required for normal growth. Plant deficiencies in phosphorus and calcium can predispose a plant to fungal and bacterial infection.

       Correct levels of plant available phosphorus and calcium plants are required for normal root growth, nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. When these nutrients are lacking, root growth will be delayed and stunted. Nutrient uptake and plant photosynthesis will also be hindered. These nutrients are essential for plant health and cell wall integrity.

       Generally phosphorus acid is not a plant available form of phosphorus but due to our unique microbial digestive process and the form of calcium used - it will be convert into available phosphorus for the plant.

       Phosphorus is an essential element for flower and fruit formation. Phosphorus is easily locked up in the soil. Microbe Plus Phoscal via foliar spray or soil drench is an efficient method of application during high demand times such as seeding and fruit development.

     Calcium regulates the transport of other plant nutrients and is also involved in the activation of certain plant enzymes. It is also essential for plant cell division and is a catalyst for amino acidsproduction. It is a critical element for biological processes in the plant.

       All the nutrients in Microbe Plus PHOSCAL have been microbially digested using Zeoprofit's proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbes. This process emulates the natural process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% available plant form.

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