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Do not allow nitrogen deficiency in tobacco plants. At low nitrogen levels the yield is greatly reduced, while in the case of an excess of nitrogen the quality of the yield decreases. Use Zeoprofit's special mix to boost growth and quality tobacco yields.

The Zeoprofit plant rooter is a bio stimulator and activator of vegetative growth. We guarantee 100% roots rooting with more and better roots, easier interception of seedlings, orchards and vines, a better start of development.

To obtain the highest possible yield, the legumes need to be fertilized properly. Zeoprofit legumes takes care of the proper fertilization to develop your plants with high quality for the greatest yield possible.

The use of the seed treatment product allows the plant to have a more rapid growth at the beginning of the vegetation at germination. With the use of Zeoprofit seed treatment, mix the plant seeds will be protected from insects and other pests that can harm or destroy them

The Lavender extracts from the soil about 1.5 kg of nitrogen, 5 kg of phosphorus and 0.8 kg of potassium to produce 100 kg of inflorescences.

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