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Microbe Plus NPK is a blend of essential trace elements and NPK


       Microbe Plus NPK is a true fusion of organic and biological and conventional NPK fertilizers. It has a comprehensive suite of bacteria and fungi that provides beneficial microbes to your soil. Microbes improve the health and structure of the soil. Healthy soils can improve plant health, development and productivity.


       All the nutrients in Microbe Plus NPK have been microbially digested using Zeoprofit's proprietary blend of soil microbes. This process emulates the natural process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% plant available form.


       Microbe Plus NPK is a balanced nutrient system which has been fortifies with a complete range of trace elements aiding overall soil and plant health.


       Microbe Plus NPK is suitable for all crops, but it particularly suits hungry crops where the application rates are high dosage and high frequency.

Increased microbes improve soil biology and plant nutrition.


Microbe Plus NPK benefits


Organically chelated blend of essential trace elements combined with NPK.

A completely balanced, microbially digested product for optimum uptake and availability.

Available immediately through the leaf and plant roots with nil withholding period. Inocultatesthe soil with the essential beneficial microbes necessary for good health and soil structure.

Works through irrigation, drip systems and foliar sprays

Enhanced with micro-fine zeolite, molasses, fulvic acid.

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