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A Few Words About Plants Biology:

  The plant makes its cycle from spring until summer. It has a rich root system and very good resistance to drought. Since there is a possibility irrigation needed is a watering approximately 20 days after the bonding of the flowers. Is sown March - April with a pneumatic engine when the outside temperature reaches 10 degrees Celsius. Seeding distances are 75cm x 20cm. Seed depth 3-4 cm. Blooms June - July. It is collected from August to September.


  Because the root system of the sunflower is deep, the possible existence of an impermeable subsoil layer must be treated with a subsoil last summer, so the soil is dry and brittle. During autumn, deep plowing is recommended, which is used to combat winter weeds and redistribute phosphorus, which due to its commitment to the upper soil layers is not available in the deep where most of the root system is found. The following spring interventions aim at creating an appropriate sporocycline to ensure fast and uniform sprouts, to improve the soil's physical properties and to fight against spring weeds.


The most important factors for the selection of appropriate seeding period is the soil temperature should be greater than 8 degrees Celsius and soil moisture. A typical seed season is the period from mid to late March, when the temperature requirements are met and at the same time avoiding the destruction of seedlings from the dry-summer conditions of the summer. Seeding is done linearly with common pneumatic machines at distances of 75 and 100 cm between and on the sowing line, respectively.The usual number of plants per hectare is 6,500-7,000 for irrigated crops, while a dry density of 5,000-5,500 plants / acre is recommended for dry crops. The depth of sowing varies between 3-5 cm, depending on seed size, soil moisture and temperature.  The amount of seed is usually 350-500 grams / acre.


The nutrients given by fertilization are mainly nitrogen that helps in the growth of sunflower and phosphorus that affects the production and content of the seed in oil. Potassium fertilization is required on land where it is lacking and especially in light fields.It is recommended to apply 3 units of sulfur during the sowing period with basic fertilization. According to the practice applied in the Greek conditions a balanced fertilization with 8-10 units of nitrogen (4-6 units during the sowing and the remaining in the form of surface lubrication), 5-8 phosphorus units (during sowing with the basic fertilization) and 5-8 potassium units (when sowing with basic fertilization) provides adequate nutrition to plants. Potassium must be applied in cases of soil deficient in this element. It is recommended to apply 3 units of sulfur during the sowing period with the basic lubrication.

Nitrogen is the decisive element engages the yields of sunflower. As for phosphorus, this element is not required by this crop in significant quantities, but we should provide at least the units  we are going to absorb from our field.

Recommended Dosages:
100 kg / acre zeolite for incorporation
12.5 kilograms of zeolite powder in 1000 liters of water
• 30-0-0 + 4 MgO + 0.1 Fe + 0.3B + 17% zeolite
• 28-8-8 + 0.5Zn + 13% zeolite
• 18-7-12 + 4MgO + 0.1Fe + 0.5B + 10% zeolite

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